English Video Testimonials:

“I wanna give a special shout out to my man Gabriel and Paul from Florida Cash Home Buyers. These guys took great great care of me! I had a couple properties I wanted to get rid of, I gave them a call, they made sure I was a happy camper at the end of the day. Everything was sold, fast. I didn’t have to do too much with them. If they needed something from me, they gave me a text, called my manager or whoever it may be. They made sure they got the job done! So I wanted to give them a special shout out. From your boy Santana. Out!”

– Santana Moss | Miami, FL
   Who Is Santana Moss?

“My name is Tene Harriott Johnson and my mother passed away a few years ago. It left us in a situation where we didn’t know what we were going to do with the house and how we would go about that. Florida Cash Home Buyers actually mailed me directly and I was really interested and impressed with the approach. It seemed very friendly & genuine and that’s one of the reasons why I chose you guys over other competitors. The process took a little longer than originally anticipated, but there were hurdles that we just couldn’t avoid. You honored everything you said you would do and it was a absolutely a pleasure working with you guys. I would definitely recommend your services to others! Thank you!”

– Tene H. | Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Florida Cash Home Buyers did a very good job. They were quick and when they promise you a couple weeks – they give all they have. They will work 100% with you on everything!”

– Flora G. | Miami, FL

“Hi, I just want to thank Florida Cash Home Buyers, they were a pleasure to work with. They bought my home, they helped me to find an apartment that I’m moving into in a couple of weeks and I can only say the most wonderful greatest things about Florida Cash Home Buyers.”

– Helene T. | Parkland, FL

“Hi, my name is Natalia and I sold a house to Florida Cash Home Buyers. I was very satisfied with the transaction. It went off smoothly without a hitch. It closed on time and overall I’d recommend them.”

– Natalia D. | Miramar, FL

“Hello there my name is Ronald Harvey and I sold a house to Florida Cash Home Buyers back in March of this year. My sister and I inherited some property due to death of my mother, and we were looking for an agency to use. We did research, we looked at reviews and out of all the agencies we chose Florida Cash Home Buyers and I’m glad we did. We found that the customer service was excellent, they honored all their commitments, and we closed in thirty days. I’m giving this review because they did an excellent job. I will tell anyone, Florida Cash Home Buyers is the way to go. Thank You.”

– Ronald H. | Miami, FL

“My name is Phyllis Moore and I just sold my house in Deerfield Beach to Omer with Florida Cash Home Buyers program. The process was easy and I’m happy!”

– Phyllis M. | Deerfield Beach, FL

“Hey, my name is Jeff. I had a property that I inherited and I really didn’t want to keep it so I called Omer at Florida Cash Home Buyers. The experience was very professional. He kept in touch with me the whole way and I’m very happy with how everything turned out!”

– Jeff H. | Sebastian, FL

“Hi, my name is Guy Thomas and I had the pleasure of dealing with Omer on a personal level. I found him to be an honest straightforward person and that’s what I was looking for. We got the transaction done quickly with all of his efforts. I appreciate what he did for me and I hope he can do the same for you!”

– Guy T. | Lauderhill, FL

“Hi, my name is Raymond. I just made a deal with Omer from Florida Cash Home Buyers. The deal was great. He accomplished every word that he said. He is a very trustworthy and honest person. I just signed the papers today and got cash right away! Thank you Omer!”

– Raymond G. | Miami, FL

“Hello, my name is Peter Nitellis and I just sold my home to Omer of Florida Cash Home Buyers. I had an excellent experience with him. He fulfilled every part of the negotiations and took care of all the paperwork. It was fantastic and I am very pleased!”

– Peter N. | Cutler Bay, FL

“Hi, My name is Dave Ramlal. I just sold my house here in Lauderhill to Florida Cash Home Buyers and I must say, it was a great experience! These people are really nice. I would recommend anyone in my business to deal with these people. They did give me some cash in-hand and also helped me stop the foreclosure on my house, which didn’t damage my credit too much. That is another thing I am very grateful for. So thank you people!”

– Dave R. | Lauderhill, FL

“Hi, my name is Thomas Dorneval. I just sold my house at 19831 NW 1st Ave. Miami Gardens to Omer with FloridaCashHomeBuyers.com. It was a great experience working with him. Omer is a great guy to work with and he kept his promises all along the way. He helped me stop the foreclosure sale on my house and got us cash out of the deal instead of losing our home and getting nothing. Also, the lender forgave our debt so we don’t owe anything anymore! I had a wonderful experience working with you. Thank you Omer.”

– Thomas D. | Miami Gardens, FL

“I met Omer from Florida Cash Home Buyers when I had trouble with my house and he wanted to buy it and helped me get a new house. The transaction was easy and simple and it worked out just fine. I would recommend him to anybody. In every aspect, whenever he could, whenever there was a problem that would come up, he was right there to help me and worked with me through everything. Thank you.”

– Richard H. | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Spanish Video Testimonials:

“Buenos Dias. Estoy aqui haciendo el cierre de mi propiedad. Agradece Florida Cash Home Buyers por tod su atencion. Principalmente a Gabriel que fue cincelo y honesot y muy justo. Felicitaciones recomienfp cualquier person que tenga la situacion como yo para vender una propiedad que vengan con eleo. Que van a sentirse mucho major. Que tenga mucho exito y sign adelante.”

– Madeline C. | Miami, FL

“Fuimos contratados de esta misma compania vendiendo la propiedad. Fueron muy professional y quedaron bien. Todos dicen tiempo el proceso como ello explicnado. Yo esto muy content y comiendo a orto cliente con toda confianza que lo van a tartar con un nivel de profesionalidad. Todo bien muchas gracias todos.”

– Frank D. | Miami, FL

Other Seller Testimonials:

“Hi. My name is Lynette Parland.  Can you say AMAZING? Well, that’s how I describe my entire experience doing business with FL Cash Home Buyers.  From the very 1st phone conversation to closing, and beyond, they were not only professional, skillful and honest, but so caring. They helped me with probate and other expenses, and did all the hard work.  It wasn’t easy saying goodbye to my childhood home, but the way they handled every aspect of the deal,  helped ease any worries I might have otherwise had. I am 100℅ sure I could not have done better. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart!”

– Lynette P.  | Deerfield Beach, FL

“Omer, thank you for your kindness and professionalism during the process of selling my parent’s house. Your team was knowledgeable and accurate on all areas regarding the buying/selling transaction. I appreciate everything! Thanks again, Jocelyn D. Baskerville”

– Jocelyn D. B.  | Lauderhill, FL

“What can I say about FL Cash Home Buyers? They have helped me prodigious, in all sense. They are a great team, they are dedicated, helpful, alert and always on top of the situation and know what to do or say to help through the process. Stacy has helped me throughout the whole process I mean, she knows what she is doing when it comes to paperwork and handling tough situations. In conclusion, FL Cash Home Buyers is the best in buying homes. It was hard at first you just need a little patience and a great team to help through the pain free process (not everything comes easy in life). Everybody there is great, seriously this has been a great experience and I definitely recommend them to help with purchasing your home. Thank you FL Cash Home Buyers you guys are great 1 million thank you.”

– Maria O.  | Lake Worth, FL

“Thank you Omer. It was a great experience working with you and your company and selling you our house. You delivered as promised and were very professional. You helped us out in a bad time in our life and we appreciate it. Instead of loosing our home you managed to save our credit and get us money out of the situation! That is awesome! Thanks again. Mark.”

– Mark C.  | Miami, FL

“The transaction went effortlessly and smoothly. Your Company was straightforward and professional in your dealing with us. You can use this as a recommendation to prospective customers whom would like to sell a house quickly and effortlessly.”

– Debbie W. | Lauderhill, FL

“I’m glad we were able to get this done through you because it was relatively easy and painless. My brother and I both appreciate your efforts on our behalf.”

– Jim J. | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“My Mom passed away about a year ago. Her house was in terrible shape. I was the Executor of her estate and wanted to sell the house fast without doing any repairs or even cleaning out the place as it was very hard emotionally. A few hours after I decided to sell the home “As-Is”, I had an all cash offer from Omer and his company. We closed the transaction in about 10 days and the estate settled sooner than expected. If I have to sell a property again, I will definitely contact you.”

– Michelle F. | Margate, FL

“Florida Cash Home Buyers made buying my first home quick and easy!”

– Amanda B.H. | Deerfield Beach, FL

Lender Testimonials:

“Omer, thanks for all the numbers and updates. I have downloaded everything but haven’t yet looked everything over very close. I may not either because I trust you. I do like having the info to use as a guide for what other similar costs on similar houses could be. Preferred Trust did get the money yesterday and it was deposited in the full amount of $92,980.62 I am very well satisfied with my profit and the learning experience. I enjoyed investing with you on this project and the Palm Springs house also. Thanks again.”

– David R.  | Soldotna, AK

“We have been working with FL Cash Home Buyers, LLC since middle of 2015. They are very well organized, responsive, and work with high integrity. They have a great team of people, and we are happy to be doing business with them.”

– Mike Z. | www.TempoFunding.com


“I have worked with FL Cash Home Buyers, LLC for nearly three years funding their purchases and rehabs of various properties. I have also done transcriptional funding whenever they needed it for their wholesale deals. They have been very honest, forthright and trustworthy in all our dealings and I always look forward to funding their next deal.”

– Dave D. | www.TransactionalFundingFL.com