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A lot of homeowners call us and ask how our home buying process works. This is the question that I want to answer here. It’s quite simple.

If you call our company here at Florida Cash Home Buyers, you are going to speak to a customer intake specialist (lead manager) and they are going to ask for your contact information. They will also want to know what address you are thinking of selling and they’re going to ask you several questions about your home, to understand more about your property and your situation.

Now, what is the reason for this? Some people call us and they just get annoyed because they think “why do you have to ask me so many questions, why can’t you just make me an offer?”.

Well, the reality is that we buy houses in Florida for a discount.

That’s really what we do because we have to make a profit when we re-sell it on the open market. So if you’re calling us and you just want an offer and you are not really planning on selling your home for a discount, then you probably should not call us, but rather find a competent Realtor to help you with that.

Now, if you’re open to listing your home with one of our awesome team members who are licensed Realtors, we would definitely be happy to help you with that, just let us know that’s what you’d like to do when you give us a call.

But, specifically, our cash home buying services in Florida are usually for people who need to sell their house fast or want to sell their house quickly in exchange for time and convenience versus trying to maximizing and get every single dollar left in their home equity. Some of the reasons people call us can be that they inherited a property and they simply just want to get rid of the headache of owning the home.

Other times its people who are running late on payments for the taxes or the mortgage, which then causes them to face foreclosure. There could be all types of reasons people call us. Sometimes we have people who just want to move on, they can’t stand where they live and they want to get out as soon as possible. They usually are willing to leave money on the table because they don’t want to stay there any longer. We are not here to judge. But, we do need to know the answers to some questions, to see if it really makes sense for you to go ahead and sell us your home at a discount.

We only want to buy your home if you really want to sell it and if it will benefit you to sell it to us. So, the reality is if you call us and you just say, “Hey I want an offer!”, we’re probably not going to just give you an offer because it wouldn’t make any sense for us to do so.

We need to know what situation you’re going through and we need to know some information about the home, to see if we can actually help you and add value. If we can’t do that we’ll just refer you to somebody else who can, or probably make you a suggestion or recommendation that may help your situation, even if it means not working with us.

So, if you want to sell your house fast…

…or even if you don’t need to sell fast, but there are certain things that you need, for example, you need to stay in your house for 3-4 months after you sell it, or maybe you need money quickly but you don’t want to sell real fast, we can give you a big cash advance BEFORE the closing, so you can take care of what you need done. Things of this nature, we can work with and are usually of great benefit to our sellers.

So this kind of how our home buying process works. With that being said, I hope that helps you whether you decide on going with us or you’re going to try another home buying company. I hope I’ve answered some questions and it clarifies how the process works for us here at Florida Cash Home Buyers. Have a great day and hopefully we’ll hear from you soon!

Gabriel Garcia,
Vice President