house inspection report

Trying to sell your Florida home can be a stressful time for any family. With all the preparing, the cleaning, and the negotiating, it’s never fun for anyone.

This feeling only gets worse when you unexpectedly receive a bad house inspection report and now have to deal with what it means for your selling endeavors.

Firstly, try not to get too worried. This is a thing that happens all of the time, whether it be because of a mistake or due to a grumpy inspector. You will be able to get through this and still get the kind of sale you want.

Take a deep breath and then figure out a game plan.

We’re here to help you.

1. Ask Questions

The first thing to do is to ask questions to your real estate agent. You might be full of stress and worry about the report, but your agent is there to give you a distanced and professional view about everything.

There are generally going to be things wrong with the house that you already know about. It’s a good idea to discuss them before hand with the buyer so that you can come up with a kind of deal. But there might be things that come up on the report that you had no idea about.

It can depend on the kind of report you got back, but make sure to ask your real estate agent about how to move forward.

Ask them things like if it would be worth repairing the damages or if it would be better to compensate the buyer for it? Should you hire professionals? Could you do it yourself? How do you work out a new deal with your potential buyer?

If you are selling your house without an agent, you’ll still need to ask those questions, but you’ll have to figure out the answers on your own.

2. Get Some Quotes

You’ll need to get into contact with some repair companies and find out how much their asking price is for the repairs that need to be made. This way, you know exactly how much is a fair price to negotiate with between yourself and your buyer.

Even if you aren’t going to be doing the repairs yourself, it’s good to know the cost of repair so that you can adjust the asking price or let your buyers know what to expect if they do decide to go through with the sale.

3. Adjust the Sale

Now that you have all of the information, all that’s left is to adjust. It might be that your current buyer might bow out of the deal, but that will just make the interactions with the next potential buyer even easier.

Just make sure to always disclose all of the things you’ve learned about your house and its defects so that the next deal can continue unhindered. Include everything from the common problems to more “unique” ones.

A Bad House Inspection Report Won’t Stop Your Sale

All it takes is a little extra negotiating and communication between yourself and the potential buyer to make it work. Don’t be afraid to share everything about the house they’re hoping to buy. Most people are quite understanding and are willing to work with you!

If you need any help, please contact us!