selling your home in South Florida

Selling your home In South Florida? Don’t do these things!

Your home sale has enemies, and woe to the seller who underestimates these enemies. Greed is a scrappy adversary. It can be disguised as “Need,” or self-proclaimed “Expertise, and if left unchallenged, it will have its way with your profits. Emotions, too, present a worthy adversary. And when Pride is introduced to the mix, the potential to sabotage your home sale is at a critical level.

It can be tempting to slap an extra zero on your home’s listing price, or bump the number up higher because that’s what another house in your area sold for. Or maybe that is simply the number you believe you are entitled to receive, factoring in realtor commissions and miscellaneous expenses. Why should your check be lighter than it has to be at closing time? Why should those realtor commissions darken your day? You’ll just bump that sale price up to what you would get at the price your realtor suggests, if you didn’t have to swallow that commission. After all, if someone is spending two, three, four, or five hundred thousand on a home, what’s another 15 or 25 thousand, right?

Wrong! Stop it!

Seriously. Stop it. Your home simply may not be worth that much. Even if your neighbor’s home, which you know has a lingering smell of kitty litter in it, just sold for ten thousand more than your realtor suggests you list your home for – there may be a reason. Not to say South Florida realtors don’t make mistakes. But they want to make that sale, too. And it is in everyone’s best interest to do so expeditiously. So ask questions, definitely; Maybe your realtor overlooked the new windows you had done, or undervalued your view of the bay. You may just win them over to your side of thinking. But for everyone’s sanity, and the sake of your sale, don’t mistake your opinions for her expertise. She has studied the market, and her income lives and dies by it.

Would she like a bigger commission check? Heck yes! But she is not going to risk your home languishing on the market for the potential of making extra money. Not if she is any good, that is.

And selling your home in South Florida for a fair price beats the heck out of watching it die a slow death as it develops a reputation among realtors as the overpriced house.

Soon, showings trickle to a halt. And when they do happen, they are almost invariably followed up by an offer right where your realtor suggested you sell it for. That offer sounds good to your realtor, who points out to you that your insistence on the listing price resulted in a final offer that is likely higher than you would have gotten, had you listened to her. Odds are there would have been some negotiating done in that deal, too, and you would have settled for an offer lower that what you just got. You win! Sign that paper, cash your check, and tell everyone how you were smarter than your realtor. She doesn’t even care anymore. She is just so happy to sell your south florida house, and she is not opposed to that bigger commission check, either. But Greed has been joined by Pride, and Pride wants his turn at the table, too.

You refuse that very fair offer, protesting the low-ball tactic of the buyer; Who do they think they are? Do they think you are so dim-witted you don’t recognize they are trying to swindle you? You didn’t work so hard and fend off the other buyers just to settle now. You tell your realtor you will not settle for anything less than your asking price. And another deal dies, and your realtor cries herself to sleep. And this cycle repeats itself, burning realtors out along the way, until you ultimately accept an offer below that offer you refused, after carrying the mortgage and expenses of your home for months longer than necessary. Greed and Pride are the victors in that match. Oh- and so are the Buyers- who patiently waited this cycle out upon the advice of their realtor, and got your house for much less than they thought they’d have to spend.

Finally, emotions can be to a home sale what an iceberg was to the Titanic. It is difficult to be objective about the house you have nurtured, lived in, and raised a family in. Those nicks on the wall where your son tapped his Swiss Army knife while he studied each night, those gouges your daughter’s roller skates made in the wood floor- those aren’t memories to anyone other than you. To a prospective buyer, those are – brace yourself- blights in your home. If you have made the decision to sell your home, you must also commit to letting go of those tangible memories. Take a picture, take a moment to mist up over those memories. And then fix them before buyers see your home. Use the sale money to buy that new home, and make new memories.

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